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Sex during a wedding

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This is how many couples actually have sex on their wedding night

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This Is How Many Couples ACTUALLY Have Sex On Their Wedding Night

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  1. Gabei
    Gabei3 months ago

    Regardless of the nobility of his reason for doing what he did, he still lied to you and hurt you. That’s reprehensible. I’m not sure what marriage vows are nowadays but there used to be a line that says you will forsake all others. That means spouse comes first. You are perfectly justified in feeling what you feel. Your mom and sister weren’t the ones who were lied to and emotionally manipulated so their opinions mean shyt. You are not wrong for thinking or feeling what you feel, but maybe with some counseling, you might be able to find a middle ground to stand on together and repair things.

  2. Shalrajas
    Shalrajas3 months ago

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  3. Nikolabar3 months ago

    You do what you wanna do, but ask yourself if this temporary thing is worth the lasting damage it has caused with your own children. Is great sex worth it? And what happens when he leaves you for a woman his own age? That's going to happen. Then what? Got family? Nope. You threw them under the bus for some sex. And you can get sex anywhere. Go buy a toy. You'll have about as much in common with it as you would a 21 year old boy.

  4. Shakahn3 months ago

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  5. Doule
    Doule3 months ago

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